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  • We aim to provide the very best service available. We love what we do and this is transparent in our work and your results.

    MMC has a range of hydraulic, pneumatic tools and burning, welding equipment available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • We operate as both main contractors and as specialist sub-contractors and would be pleased to discuss or tender for any marine civil engineering related projects that you are involved with.

  • We develop lasting relationships by exceeding expectations. We operate as both main contractors and as specialist sub-contractors and would be pleased to discuss or tender for any marine civil engineering related projects that you are involved with.

  • Our equipment is maintained to a very high standard in our own workshops and is subject to our stringent in-house, planned maintenance procedures carried out by our skilled technicians.

    All maintenance, logs, inventories and certificates are networked, uploaded and viewable on every site.

  • Drilling, cutting, burning, welding and breaking equipment, inspection, testing and surveying equipment, Cardox rock, concrete material breaking and blasting system, maintenance, construction and demolition, support vessels, boats and barges, grouting and concreting, breakout and replacement, thickness NDT, tanks and ships, interpretive report writing on any survey or inspection.

  • We strive at all times to maintain our excellent safety record and our goal for all projects is to have no incidents or accidents to our personnel, co-workers or the public at large, protecting not just ourselves but the reputation of our clients.

  • Although we provide services to most marine industries our core activities and specialist skills are concentrated in six key sectors:

    • Renewable energy
    • Submarine cables
    • Marine civil engineering
    • Water and waste water
    • Defence, construction and demolition

    MMC are specialist providers of access engineering solutions including rescue, rope access and confined space works. The combination of these services allows MMC to offer innovative solutions to various challenging tasks, often in hazardous and difficult working conditions.

    We believe that it is our commitment to safety and innovation, as well as our multi-skilled personnel.

  • We have a 55 foot barge, accommodation for a full dive team and welfare facilities on board which include a galley, office, shower and heads with a purpose built drying room. One hull is a workshop with storage space.

    Self sufficient with a 52 kva 3 phase generator and available to rent. Please contact us for further information.

  • We would welcome clients to visit our facilities to reassure themselves of our capabilities and to appreciate our total commitment to their requirements.


Underwater Metal Detector Elsec 5000

Enhanced Sensitivity Using the pulse induction technique, the Model 5000 is able to offer a much higher level of sensitivity than most other metal detectors on the market today.  It detects both ferrous and non-ferrous objects, even in high concentrations of metallic deposits, at considerable distances.

Our Elsec 5000 is easy to control, diver friendly being nearly neutrally buoyant. Strong, Non-corrosive Construction Each Model 5000 is tested to a depth of 200 meters and should be able to operate at greater depths. It is manufactured using PVC high-pressure mouldings and marine grade stainless fasteners so that it will not rust.

Underwater Metal Detector Elsec 5000

Rechargeable Batteries The Elsec Underwater Metal Detector incorporates rechargeable Batteries, which allow continuous use for over fifteen hours.  A solid state indicator lets you know how much 'life' the batteries have left.

Three Methods of Indication When a metal object is located, attention is attracted in three different ways: a ten step led scale and a variable frequency bone conductor earphone. Reliability Elsec has used the very latest electronic components in the manufacture of its Underwater Metal Detector to ensure first class reliability and ease-of maintenance. 


  • Detection method: Pulse Induction
  • Depth limit: 200 meters
  • Coil size: 25cm (10”)
  • Indication: 10 position led scale with auto brightness control Variable frequency bone conductor
  • Controls: Single knob
  • External connections: Single 4 pin connector for battery charging          
  • Battery: NiMh 7.2V, 2AH with built in temperature sensor and thermal fuse
  • Battery charger: Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.4A, Output: 12VDC 1A
  • Battery life: 15+ hours
  • Battery recharge time: 2.5 hours
  • Dimensions: Fully assembled: 112cm (44”) long x 28cm (11”) max Folded: 75 x 28cm (29” x 11”)
  • Weight in air: 2.2Kg  (4.8lb)
  • Weight in water: 0.5Kg (1 lb)
  • Temperature limits: Operating: 0 to 50°C  (32 to 122°F) Storage: 0 to 85°C  (32 to 185°F)

Our Divers:

MMC Divers can provide an EOD Superintendent and UXO dive team to assist in the identification of a potential UXO (pUXO) – An anomaly identified as UXO by geophysical survey and data analysis but not yet visually identified by a UXO professional, the Elsec 5000 has been successful on numerous occasions with our competent teams.

It is generally accepted that 10% of all aerial bombs and 30% of incendiary devices dropped during the WW2 failed to function as intended and a certain amount are possibly still buried in the local geology or present on the seabed.

MMC's team of experienced divers also includes CSWIP 3.1u, 3.2u and 3.4u qualified inspection personnel. Our divers all hold the relevant commercial diving and CSWIP and HSE approved certifications enabling them to support the delivery of subsea calibration and measuring survey services.

Subsea inspection services include:

  • UXO, PUXO identification.
  • Above and below water inspection of structures and facilities.
  • Detailed survey, inspection, investigation and assessment of subsea structures.
  • Subsea cathodic protection and ultra-thickness inspections.
  • Scour, geological sea bed and river surveys.
  • Emergency call out response for infrastructure inspection.

Should you have a project requirement coming up please contact us.

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