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  • Salvage of SY Cardigrae XIV - Plymouth

    Salvage of SY Cardigrae XIV Plymouth

    MMC Divers were called to salvage the burned out Sailing Yacht Cardigrae XIV laying in Plymouth Mayflower Marina in 22 meters of water.


Client: Boats Ltd

Principle Contractor: Boats Ltd

Contractor: MMC Diving Services

Duration: 2 days

Date posted: 31-08-2021

MMC were appointed by Boats Ltd to supply a 5 man dive team to recover the burnt out remains of SY Cardigrae XIV on behalf of the insurance company. Using the dive support vessel multi-cat "MV Lift More" MMC Divers installed lift bags to strong points on the vessel including, the chain plates that hold the rig in place, prop shaft and forestay.

Due to the depth of water the vessel was laying in, approximately 22 meters, the lift bags were only installed to lighten the vessel and utilise the Lift More's 20 tonne winch to retrieve the vessel to the surface with a controlled lift.

Once the Cardigrae was just below the surface and alongside the DSV Lift More the divers attached long link chains fore and aft which were tensioned around the hull of the vessel using stainless steel underwater William Hacket chain pulls.

This method enabled our team to secure more lift bags to indisputable hold points around the hull and low down so the vessel could be supported without the aid of the DSV winch.

The SY Cardigrae XIV was then moored up and towed to Mayflower Marines Hoist the following day to be lifted out and inspected by forensics and to determine the cause of the fire.

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