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    We strive at all times to maintain our excellent safety record and our goal for all projects is to have no incidents or accidents to our personnel, co-workers or the public at large; protecting not just ourselves but the reputation of our clients.


    Having spent thousands of hours constructing and repairing structures underwater it was a logical transition for us to offer our many clients our services for their above and below water projects. These works now account for an increasing proportion of our turnover as we develop this into a standalone division within our company.


MMC Diving Services recognises that it has a legal and moral obligation to consider all necessary precautions in the protection and management of environmental sustainability. We are committed to continual improvement and the protection of the environment. We have a shared responsibility in making sure that we improve and avoid any deterioration in the quality of our estuaries' and coastal waters. We will encourage customers, suppliers and other interested parties to do the same.

The Directors and employees of MMC Diving Services are committed to meet all applicable legal requirements and will ensure responsibility in their area to ensure the aims and objectives of the policy are met;

We endeavor to protect the environment and are committed to:

  • Complying with all relevant legislation and other requirements covering any of our operations.
  • Continually improving and reducing environmental impacts.
  • Continually improving and monitoring environmental performance.
  • Considering the lifecycle perspective of aspects we can control or influence.

We are committed to:

  • Effective management of our emissions to air, water and land, seeking their elimination, re-use or reduction where practicable.
  • Efficient use of energy and to minimise our consumption of natural resources
  • Effective management and minimization of our waste streams
  • Reuse and recycle everything we are able to.
  • Evaluating the environmental impact of new products we intend to use.

This environmental policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing environmental objectives. Environmental objectives are catagorised as beneficial and aspirational and are set and reviewed annually to ensure the continual improvement of our environmental management system and the suitability of the policy.

We will communicate, listen and be responsive to interested parties such as; our employees, customers, neighbours and government, and we will share information concerning potential hazards resulting from our operations or our products.

We will ensure all staff are involved in the implementation of this policy for greater commitment and improved performance, and will ensure that they are adequately trained through staff inductions and standard operating procedures.

The overall and final responsibility for Environmental Management is that of the Operational Director, who is supported by the Business & IMS Director. Day to day responsibilities for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to the Directors or Supervisor.


Sam Connelly

Sam Connelly
Operations Director
Apr 2020

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